What is the T.V. Show Lost About?

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It is incredibly rare to find a television series that truly impacts your life. One that stays with you years after it's ended, or one you could watch repeatedly and never lose interest. Honestly, there should be a support group available for people who can't move on after their favorite show has ended. Hello, my name is Jeannie, and I am a Lost addict.

It's actually pretty funny when we hear that someone has never watched a single episode of our favorite show. I imagine we get this incredulous look on our face as we try to comprehend why. But, we have to remember that everyone has different tastes in movies, music, and even t.v. shows. So, if you're reading this to try and understand why you should watch it, you've watched a few episodes and just don't get it, or you watched the whole series, and it never quite made sense; hopefully, this article will help.

What is so great about the show Lost? Everything. There is mystery, romance, humor, drama, and every emotion possible. Each episode creates more and more questions. There are times you may think there will never be enough answers. But, if you stick with it, you'll be glad you did. The numbers, the smoke monster, the others, and all the other mysteries are frustrating and can make you crazy trying to figure them out . But, the characters: their lives, stories, interactions, the relationships they build, and their struggles are what makes Lost so great.

So, what is the t.v. show Lost about? I'll try not to give too much away. Flying from Sydney to Los Angeles, Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on an island in the South Pacific. The show focuses on 14 out of the 40 plus survivors. The plane split apart in mid-air with the middle section landing on the beach. Jack, a spinal surgeon, immediately begins treating the wounded. It becomes apparent that there is more to this island than one would think. The first night something very large and very loud is crashing through the jungle. The next morning, Jack, Kate, and Charlie take off into the jungle to search for the cockpit. The lone survivor on the cockpit, the pilot, tells them that after they lost radio contact, they turned around. When they crashed, they were a thousand miles off course.

Knowing rescue may not come, everyone turned to Jack for leadership. He is reluctant and doesn't believe he has what it takes to lead the group. Hoping to aide rescue efforts, the plane's transceiver is repaired. However, the signal is blocked by a distress call that has been playing on a loop, from somewhere on the island, for sixteen years. Combine a polar bear on the island with Jack seeing his dead father walking around in the jungle, and it's obvious something is very different about this place. Backstories unfold, and we discover each of the 14 main survivors have very troubled pasts. As if learning to live on the mysterious island isn't enough, the survivors soon discover they're not alone.

Exactly where (or what) the island is and how these strangers learn to live together pulls you in...and doesn't let go.

What is the t.v. show Lost about? It's about the decisions we make, the repercussions of those decisions, constantly questioning ourselves and figuring out where we belong, and finally, accepting who we are.

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